Destination – run – fiddle – walk process

I think I might have finally reached a breakthrough with achieving my optimal weight of 175 lbs.  I have developed a process that incentivizes exercise for me and gives me a musical impetus in which to crave exercise.  This process is called destination – run – fiddle – walk.  I will pick a destination in which to run-fiddle-walk.  I put my fiddle in my back pack and I am running to reach this goal.  When I get tired I remove my fiddle and begin to play ‘on my fiddle’ a new song in which I am learning; until I catch my breath – and then I am off running again.  Here is a picture of my path towards one of my most favorite destinations (Starbucks – to read all three newspapers: The Arizona Republic, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal). The basic principle is that I feel exercise is an arduous task that must be done.  It requires great incentive and initiative in order to fulfill this purpose.  I reward myself with learning a new fiddle song and the gift of music and the pain and languish of exercise is less austere.


Taken in Chandler Arizona 11.09.14 4:30 PM in Gila Park between Rural and Kyrene Road; North of Chandler Blvd.

Jump rope path of travel process

I keep the jump rope in my front seat of my vehicle.  The rules are before I get in my car to travel to the office I will jump the rope more times than I ended ‘the last time I jumped the rope’.  When I arrive at the office – I jump the rope; before I get in the car to travel ‘to my first client meeting’ I will jump the rope at the same numeration.  When I arrive at my final destination for the evening I will perform the same function.  This is a good start to an effective exercise variation to stay active.  Now it is about signing up prospects.

A man named Anthony Robbins said that by considering these six human needs (and how each activity relates to each need) – the level of satisfaction and success of each event will aggrandize.


The Six Human Needs

1. Certainty: assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure

2. Uncertainty/Variety: the need for the unknown, change, new stimuli

3. Significance: feeling unique, important, special or needed

4. Connection/Love: a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something

5. Growth: an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding

6. Contribution: a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others


Here is how the destination-run-fiddle-walk fits with each of these human needs.

It is true that the destination-run-fiddle- walk takes great courage and unselfishness.

Here are some elements to consider; it is not illegal; you will not disturb the peace.  If someone asks you to stop – put your instrument in your back pack and begin running.


The destination-run-fiddle-walk is a variation on a theme which I first learned from Dr. Ralph Heap.  Dr. Heap is the banjo player in our bluegrass band.



Picture of Dr. Ralph Heap taken in back of Milano’s Music as we practiced on Saturday November 8th , 2014 for the Red Mountain Bluegrass Band performance at Mesa’s old west days.



Ralph recently ran for the State Senate.  He did not win because of some apparent shenanigans from his opponent Morsley.  This is a story worthy of its own chapter.  Ralph was convicted to run for the Senate because he sees the change in the health care policies as a disadvantage to the American people.


To support Ralph – I placed this bumper sticker on the back of my car.  It was the least I could do since I could not vote for him (I do not reside in his vicinity).  He was nice enough to invite our bluegrass band to perform at his political rallies.  I respect his courage and unselfishness.  I felt like I was living a story in the Movie called ‘Oh brother where out thou’ with actor George Clooney.




At one time in Ralph’s banjo playing career he became very nervous when performing in front of an audience.  In order to quall this fear – one day he practiced while walking ‘late at night’.  Ralph used this time to practice and settle his mind.   On one occasion Ralph happened on an outside electrical box and sat to play his banjo.  A neighbor noticed this unusual activity and called the Mesa Arizona police department and told them of this strange person who was participating in an unusual activity outside their home.  I was inspired by this story and I have decided to do the same (minus the Mesa Arizona police department).


111714 7:56 AM

I remember being skinny up until the age of 33.  I am now 47 years.  So, I have been heavy for the period of 14 years.  I have felt great influence with the principles I have discussed (destination – run – fiddle – walk and ‘the jump rope process’) to reverse this negative trend and live at my optimum weight of 175 ‘or under’ for the next 53 years.


This is a picture taken in 1987



Brian Hayden Boyett standing by the 1963 Ford truck that William Brian Boyett drove from Texas to Arizona (non-stop).  This is the first Isuzu we added to our fleet.  By adding this Isuzu to our fleet utilization program – this helped create sustainability.   We utilized this Isuzu as a delivery truck; then when it began aging we turned it into a service and installation vehicle.  This picture was taken in 1987.  We used this Isuzu truck in our company until 2006.  We still have and enjoy grandpa’s 1963 Ford F100. (1)

This picture above represents when I was skinny and healthy.  In this state I remember being very active and vibrant.  I was constantly moving and physically active.  I was riding my bicycle from my parent’s home in South Tempe to my University (Arizona State University) ~ a 10 mile round trip five days a week.



Cotton cotillion escort – Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park, AZ 1987

This picture represents my physical appearance in 1987.   I was in a calm, peaceful and rested state; however, I remember at this time I was in the midst of my 5 year heartache due to the breakup of my girlfriend Mary Gibbons of Illinois.  I hope I don’t have to continue to break up with my girlfriends to get skinny and stay skinny.  I also remember at this time I had many dreams – goals and aspirations associated with aggrandizing my family’s water treatment company.

This picture was taken in October, 2014 at Monti’s La Casa Vieja in Tempe Arizona:


 We often visited this establish to Fast Track fiddle and perform impromptu concerts.  This is the evening we show cased the spurs.  The spurs that I am wearing originate from Chili; they were procured by my late Uncle Jimmy Pearce.

This picture above represents me fat and unhealthy.  In this state I remember being very inactive and sedimentary.  I don’t move and I am physically inactive.  I have done little exercise in this state and I don’t move around much.  If I don’t change this bad behavior – I will stay unhealthy.  I will not survive.  I will go extinct because of lack of movement.

This weight snuck up on me.  The circled area of this picture represents the location where most of this weight resides.  I’m surprised my back hasn’t failed because of caring this extra 75 lbs. around.  I have to say that I enjoyed it, but I won’t miss it.  This picture represents me at the weight of 240 lbs.  It is now the time for this extra weight to be abolished and vanquished from my body.  I will be more happy – healthy and have more self-consciousness and more self-confidence.  I am utilizing the formula written about today to make this affect a reality.  It is really happening and I am having great fun in the process.  I look forward to getting out of bed in the morning to play my new fiddle song and to be healthy so I can live for 53 more years (happy and healthy and very active – using the destination –run – fiddle – walk as an effective exercise motivator and accelerator).





11.21.14 new rule for myself concerning destination – run – fiddle – walk.  No playing musical instruments when crossing streets.  My phone will last longer and I will live longer (I promise myself).   I performed an impromptu concert for the nice lady in the convenience story (I purchased four bags of sunflower seeds).  I had my fiddle in my hand and she asked me so I asked her and there we were together playing and listening to my new song called Soppin the Gravy.

11.21.14 new goal.  When I learn 5 new songs on fiddle, mandolin and guitar I will make a recording of each of these songs (with me playing the three parts on each instrument).  Who knows – maybe I will learn to play the banjo too.  This is my dream.

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